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Phinegean Coda of Golden Summerby

Phinegean is my first Retriever and I was so happy to train him lovingly and work with him. Actually, I wanted to lead Phinegean primarily to the dummy work - if possible also on field trials. However, after I had my hunting license in my pocket and recognized the hunting passion of Phinegean, it quickly turned around. That's why I lead Phinegean since his hunting aptitude test mainly in the classic hunting mission.

Phinegean is a representative of the Field Trial - Golden Retriever: Very spirited with a pronounced will-to-please, i. his willingness to cooperate and absolute trust in his leader. Phinegean's hunting passion paired with his pronounced Finderwillen characterize him as such. Noteworthy are its extremely stable nerve strength and its natural reliability and serenity. He has excellent working qualities in hunting with impeccable, pleasing appearance. Is very cuddly, affectionate and easy-going. His extremely friendly and sensitive nature I appreciate in all circumstances and the ability to learn easily surprises me again and again. Training with him or just having him with me is balm for my soul.

His great passion is working on the game. Hunting with me is his world. He works quickly, full of joy and passion in every terrain. He is eager to help with the search and shows an ingenious nose (fast but not hectic and with his nose on the ground). He graduated with only one year of JEP and JP/R very successfully. With exactly two years Phinegean then each as a search winner the BLP and VPS w.l.D conspicuously well passed and was always the youngest of all participants. This was also the case with the Dr.-Heraeus-Gedächtnis-Prüfung for Retrievers (HP/R) and was able to achieve the grade Excellent at just three years.
In the hunting-free times, the focus is on working with the dummy. Whether hunting or dummy work, Phinegean works joyfully, persistently, thoroughly and with passion. Phinegean would never come back without loot! We have documented this on hunting and dummy exams as well as individual and team WTs in Germany and abroad. Among others at
LCD, Jagdspaniel Klub oder De Gouden Jachthoorn.

A breeding goal in the Kennel "of Summerby", in which he fell with seven siblings on 15 September 2015, means: excellent work potential for the Hunting and dummy work. I know that Phinegean, paired with the will to work, the beauty, and the gentleness are equally well suited to living in family and children. Above all, Phinegean is extremely human-oriented and always seeks close contact with them and above all with their caregivers. He is always looking for nice people to be around to be petted.

For all these reasons, I have decided to obtain the breed approval for him and to complete the necessary examinations and examinations. With the passed performance tests BLP and VPS Phinegean is a stud dog for the special hunting performance breeding was approved on 15.11.2017. I hope to continue his interesting lineage - and who knows - maybe I can someday have a son of Phinegean with me - Frozen semen available.